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I used to ride A Honda fourtrax, I put that machine through hell, and every time I did, it felt like the bike was saying is that your best shot! lol

So I bought a snarlar LX la la la, took it out and rode on gravel and mud, etc and it performed well, until.......I took it off-road to some crown land where cell phones dare not work and a beares are black and the moose aren't shy, I followed a friend up a gravely hill that the little Honda could take in its stride, I ended up having to winch the snarlar most of the way up because the four-wheel drive with or without diff lock was, in fact, three-wheel drive and that coupled with flashing oil light, backfiring, various bits of useless plastic falling off, stalling, and now the rear CV joint boot has fallen apart is a worthless pile of brown smelly stuff that is not built for the task at hand.

I have taken two passengers on the back and both have complained about the position of their hands causing their arms to ache. as for that useless app that makes stealing that bike so easy and it randomly turns the bike on.

Segway:- recall all the snarlers and give full refunds with an apology before someone sues!
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