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Bonjour @Redline974 Welcome to the forum! Congratulations on your new Snarler. What convinced you to order it? Were you looking at any other ATVs?

I've try similar ATV ( Sportsman 570, Hytrack 570, CForce 625, Kymco 550i ) In start of year I test pre-sale unit and I was really impressed by the whole of this quad, the chassis is as playful as possible (even in the L version that I tested) the engine is perfectly sufficient for all uses.

But actually the most compared to the other is the value for money, no other ATV on the market offers so much equipment at this price

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2018 can-am outlander XT 650 (abs) with mod's
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t3b version max speed is 60km/h not more..
Easiest way to remove speed limiter is to buy limiter off ecu:
For Europe rider: Seagway Snarler AT6 - ECU kiirusepiirajata - Ecuplace OÜ
Just add vin code and buy.. They will send invoice at email = pay it and few days goes, it will come home delivered. Install is easy..
Step 1: make sure power is off
2: Find ecu ( it's under left side panel close to fuel cap)
3: Remove old ecu and install new.
4: Power on for 60 seconds.
5: Enjoy..
Some case it may cause engine check light, it's goes a way by just ride few time's or get it clean by fault code reset by dealer..

I hope that segway will bring abs models some day.. Then you can ride legally 80km/h and max should be around 105km/h.
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