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A lot of positive reviews from what I've seen for the eMoped C80!

"My favorite part about this bike is how comfortable it is to ride. The front suspension and central shock absorber make bumps and potholes feel like gentle bounces when you're riding. There's also an auto cruise feature that will maintain whatever speed you're currently at just by pushing a button, so you can sit back, hold on and enjoy the ride."

Nothing says “Happy Earth Day!” quite like the electric-in-more-ways-than-one Segway eMoped C80. It’s adorable, comfortable, exudes quality in design and construction, and has the hustle, muscle, and heart to get you around town (the range is a very generous 52 miles) while getting a little fun wind therapy. True, at a claimed max speed of 20 mph (from my experience, more), this is not a speed demon. However, for someone looking for an entry-level into scooters or motorcycles, this is the best and most inviting first step out there.

Everyone needs a little fun in their lives. Adding an element of this to your daily local commute can certainly add some much-needed spice to an otherwise mundane day-to-day work routine. Do yourself a favor and get the Segway eMoped C80… it’s nice to smile before you get to work.
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