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Segway has announced an updated version of the Fugleman UT10 platform and a new side by side, the Villain!

Segway has taken the wraps off its 2023 machines for the US market, including an updated Fugleman UT10 platform and three new side-by-sides in the sporty Villain lineup.

The Villain family includes the Villain SX10 WX ($19,299 MSRP), which is the big boy of the family, at 72 inches wide. There’s also the 64-inch SX10 X ($18,299 MSRP), and for buyers who want to save money, there’s the 64” Villain SX10 E ($16,899 MSRP). All Villain models have a 1000cc four-stroke parallel twin engine, making 105 hp and 65 ft-lb of torque. The SX10 WX and SX10 X also come with a 10.4-inch smart touchscreen interface, and all models will interface with Segway’s Smart Moving app. The app serves as a remote starter and can provide real-time information about the vehicle’s performance (speed, acceleration, power output, fuel economy), and even offer safety alerts to contacts via text message in case of a rollover or collision.

Both the SX10 X and SX10 E have 14 inches of ground clearance, while the larger SX10 WX has 15 inches.

As for the new Segway Fugleman UT10 X ($16,699 MSRP), it’s aimed towards the utility market. It has the same 1000cc parallel twin as the Villain series; Segway says it’s more powerful than any other 1000cc UTV on the market. It also has the same 10.4-inch smart touchscreen interface, and comes with 2500-lb towing capacity, 1000-lb bed capacity and a 4500-lb winch. Same goes for the Fugleman UT10 E ($14,399 MSRP), which also has that same parallel twin engine but doesn’t have the fancy-pants touchscreen, to keep costs down.
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