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Ninebot S- App set to imperial - shows miles but reports in KM

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Hey all,
Anyone else having this issue? My app is set to IMPERIAL, The "title" above distance traveled/ remaining etc. shows "MILES" but the numbers that are reported are actually KILOMETERS. i.e. This morning per the RELIVE app I rode 6 miles out. This is always very accurate. The Segway app showed that I had ridden 9.8 MILES but it is actually 9.8 Kilometers. The biggest issue is that it indicates that I have 10.5 miles remaining on the charge but that's really KILOMETERS and would only be 6.52 actual miles.


Thank you,
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Follow up: Just deleted and re-downloaded app. On main screen it shows correct MPH when moving. BUT if I tap on the pic of the segway and go to the page as if I were recording the ride, it reverts back to KMH for speed. Also, I rode exactly .5 MILES and even though I'm set to Imperial, it showed .8 which is actually KM. UG! So frustrating.
I'm having the same problem on my Segway NineBot MAX, it says that the device has 20 mi when it really only has like 10 or 15, I wish someone would do something!?
and also when I switch to km it says 40.:confused: again I know that I have not gone 20mi or 40 km...
and also when I switch to km it says 40.:confused: again I know that I have not gone 20mi or 40 km...
The frustrating part to me is that when I email them, they continually give me instructions on how to change from Metric to Imperial- which I have already explained that I've done and switched back and forth several times. I also let them know I've completely removed the app, reinstalled etc thinking there may be something in that approach but nothing changes. I seriously believe they don't really READ the steps that have been taken to try and address this myself. VERY FRUSTRATING!!!
I have the same problem. I have a Ninebot s-max, and I have switched the app to imperial (mph), but the control panel on the steering column still reads in kph. Customer support has had me uninstall and reinstall the app 3 times. They have also told me to wait 24-48 hours, but it has been two weeks. The control panel display is still stuck in kph.
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