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I just purchased the Ninebot w/ GoKart Kit and I have some questions related to the Battery and/or App.

1. Approximately how long (hours) should it take to completely charge the Battery?
2. Approximately how long (hours) should I be able to ride (the GoKart, in Sport mode) on a full Battery?
3. Does the Power have to be On [or] Off to charge the Battery?
4. What is the best strategy for not over-charging the Battery?
5. Does the App Bluetooth need to be sync'd while charging the Battery?
6. Why does my App Bluetooth sometimes not find the device when I'm standing next to it. Is it confused between the Ninebot S and GoKart?
7. Why does the App show two different Battery Levels for both devices, when only the Ninebot S actually has a Battery?

Thanks, AustinIceMan
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