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hi and thank you for this site. i am new here, and am hoping someone can help me. i have a ninebot es2 i bought it at an auction for cheap but needed help. i replaced the whole handlebar including throttle, brake, light, controller, battery on this scooter. at first it gave me error messages which i was able to get past. i now have put it back together and when i push power it turns on like a charm. all lights work speedometer works. when i manually push it the speedometer starts going from 0 to 7 and past. but when i try to ride it and push throttle nothing happens it wont go on its own. if anyone can please guide me as to what i need to do. i am new to this and this is my first scooter, because i put in all the parts, is a firmware update required. it feels as if it is a hardware problem. i heard about rebooting. any advice would be appreciated thank you again
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