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Welcome to the forum @LuxAuterna! I haven't seen something like this with the ES-4. Did you put it together yourself?

Thank you,
yes, I designed and built it,
I fabricated some elements and found others online that I repurposed from
their original intended use. I live in NYC and find this configuration gives you more than a fighting chance
against the traffic and road conditions. The ES-4 with a seat looked embarrassingly awkward to me
so the main goal was to create a personal vehicle where style was paramount and was a safer ride. The
taillights/running lights make sure other traffic can see you, the turn signals offer convenience. The rear view mirrors, windshield and horn are a necessity, The rear fenders can hold 3.5 cubic feet of cargo, groceries, etc. The front fender functions as an impact absorbing safety feature, and features a high intensity low mounted headlight to reveal road hazards effectively. Nothing voids the warranty, wing nut quick release, it converts back to the standard ES-4 in 7 minutes. I built it solid, and 700 miles of testing proves it.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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