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Hi there,

I bought my Ninebot back in July for my commute, so I won’t have to take the subway during the pandemic.
I upgraded to ES4 about two months ago to boost up my ascending on the bridge (without the external battery, I got an absolutely pathetic 3 miles/h on the steepest part of the bridge) and the upgrade was really worth it (almost 10 miles/h with the extra battery). Last Friday though, while riding the scooter, it slowed down to pre ES4 speeds. I checked and it seemed that both batteries were fully charged. The external battery seems to be connected too, in a sense that I still get the extra juice time, just not the speed boost.

After the first slow down, took the scooter out the next day to see if it works properly but it was still slow. The day after I tried again and it actually gave me the extra boost but today, it slowed down again.

I’ve been very careful using and charging the scooter to extend it’s life (only charge up to 88%, I don’t leave it charging overnight etc) but I have been using it pretty much every dry weekday since July, to and from work (7 miles round trip) and NYC streets are in a really bad shape so it has been abused by the constant unavoidable pothole/bump race.
I also tried switching gears from normal to sport mode (or whatever they call it) but nothing happened.

I have no idea what’s wrong with my scooter and I recently got it back from the mechanic, who replaced the broken back break.

Please help me!
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