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I have a Ninebot Kickscooter Max G30 (NBScotter 2511). This is fairly new scooter from an action. Not sure what happened before I got it. After I turn on the scooter I get a constant error 21. The instructions for this error say I have a problem either with the battery or the controller box. What kind of diagnostics should I do to determine what to replace? Should I change the mainboard or the battery? Any advise? Looked on you tube for someone doing this but I have not found anyone explaining this problem and fixing it.

This is what I have done so far:

1. Test the battery with a voltmeter: 49 volts
2. Plugged and unplugged all the cables from the battery to the controller box
3. Updated the iphone app to the latest version V5.2.26
4. Did factory reset
5. Blue light flashings on battery

After all of these a loud beeping continue showing error 21. Should I upgrade the battery or replace the controller box? How can I tell what to change? Thank you in advance.
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