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So I left my E25a scooter outside the garden for a few days not expecting the weather will rain. One day I was at work and noticed it started raining and I figured a small rain probably wouldn't do much to the scooter. Once I got home, I took the scooter back into the house and checked if it still works. Good news and bad news. The scooter still works but won't charge and it has some beeping alerts. I thought maybe the water leaked in, so I took the handlebar off and then sit for a couple of days and let the water evaporate. After a few days, I tried to charge it, but the beeping alert is still there. The frequency is one regular beep and four short beeps, which corresponds to the throttle failure code. So I am planning to ship it to segway and get it fixed. I did some research online and found that the three-way shipping cost about $300, and I don't exactly know how much will Segway charge me for this problem. If the total cost of repairing it is more the original price of the scooter, then I might go with some other plan. Any suggestions on the approximate cost? Any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!
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