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2021 Segway Snarler AT6SX Purchased Feb 2022
4000km in, 130 hours

Past problems:
Horn never worked from the start- dealer just fixed it
Oil pressure sensor light: faulty sensor, fixed by dealer no charge
-Associated with that was the bike stalling out randomly, fixed by the new sensor as well

Latest (just fixed problems at 3900km's)
1.Exhaust rattle very annoying (they have recorded issues with exhausts cracking but for some reason this wasn't covered by warranty.)
2.Rear differential seals are leaking on both sides, no seals in stock at the dealer I bought it from. That same week they lost their dealership status so I have to figure out a way to drop it off at a dealer 3 hours away. (non-warranty)
3.Front Differential complete rebuild I never noticed until I went to load it on the truck and it never showed on the display that the 4wd was engaged, Only used 4WD a handful of times and fully stopped before doing so. I do mostly trail riding (covered by warranty)
4.Transmission is extremely clunky when starting all of the sudden it never did it before but now if you take off at a normal pace in high gear it's very jerky and you can hear chattering. If you take off fast it engages and stays engaged but moderate to slow it will chatter. - They did some work on this under a cvt re-call, I got it back and this past weekend this was still going on.
5.Going downhill with any sort of rocks or bumps the transmission chatters similarly, if you're going down a smooth road at a steady decline it eventually disengages the transmission completely and starts rolling like it's in neutral and almost stalls the bike, once you get back on the gas it will engage the transmission again, sketchy.
6. Lifted the bike to take a look at the exhaust rattle and found all four hub bearings are bad, (not covered by warranty). These bearings if you go in any water above the hubs will let water in and cause them to fail. The suggested maintenance is every 800km to take the whole hub assembly apart and put an ez greaser attachment into the hub and grease them (insane maintenance why not put some proper sealed bearings in there) There's a guy on youtube that shows this maintenance. For people that are mechanically inclined and have the proper tools you could do this in <4hours every 800km. You'd get better/faster at it the more you did it. Or pay the dealer for what's most likely 2-4 hours of labour every 800km. I'd be doing that every month the amount I ride.

-Great riding machine, rode for 8 hours some days on a trip and was never sore
-Throttle thumb never got sore from hours of riding
-Good stock tires, great for trail riding and light mud (they still have a lot of tread after 4000km's)
-Good power (top speed on a flat surface was around 105km/h)
-23L fuel tank is very convenient if you drive conservatively you can get 220km on a tank.
-All of the attachments are a good bargain on the X models, mirrors, winch, beadlock rims, EPS, gas shocks
-Signal lights and horn are a cool add on, actually came in handy driving on the roads in Newfoundland Canada
-Segway canada did give me a free front storage box for entering a social media post with a picture of the snarler. Grateful for their social media team and for David Leonard who helped as much as he could when the dealership was struggling to get parts for my machine
-Low gear is awesome on this machine, great consistent power delivery if you come across mud or longer inclines you should never use high gear, Low even goes 20-30km/h comfortably if needed.
-You're seated higher than other ATV's but it doesn't feel top heavy or roll into turns

-Reliability/cost of ownership (i'm still in warranty and i've shelled out over 1300$ in service/repairs for something I don't ride hard)
-Halogen headlights are brutal at night compared to other brands
-Parent company disputes with dealers (I have no idea which side the problem is on, I've only heard one side of the story but i've heard it from 3 different sources)
-Parts availability
-not much support from other shops as they've never heard of the brand
-no re-sale value or trade-in value
-Engine light comes on randomly sometimes after transporting the bike, it goes away on its own after about an hour of riding. It actually did this the very first time I took it out brand new from the dealer.
-Paint comes off of the metal in flakes and there's already rust underneath the paint, the first one happened within a week or two of ownership.
-Other bolts, screws etc rusting within a year of ownership (always washed after each ride)
-Stickers do not stay on even if you don't power wash it (minimal problem I didn't care just in case some people do)
-You learn the trick to change gears easier but if there's any sort of pressure from being on a decline or incline it will not shift, you have to get on the foot brake quick while in motion so that the brake is completely holding it then you can change the gear.
-I took the bike to a dealer on September 17th 2022 for the problems numbered above and got it back January 26th 2023. (131 days)
-it's heavy/large for a 570, 800lbs, 7 ft long for the short wheelbase model

I'm Trading it in for a Honda rubicon. Not because it's a bad machine I actually like it!
But i've heard from 3 dealerships that they're constantly battling with segway powersports canada to get reimbursed for their warranty claims. The warranty was the whole selling feature of these untested bikes. My local dealer within 40 minutes got their status taken away over some disputes and is actually taking legal action against segway powersports canada. The closest dealer is 3 hours away and talking with them they're also struggling and are owed over 35 grand in warranty work! I fear they will stop supporting them soon too and take their losses.

I'm taking a beating on the trade in price but the way things are going with this brand the 2 remaining dealerships within 3 hours of home will most likely be looking to offload these things and never look back, So I don't want to be stuck with a $12,000 lawn ornament the next time something breaks.

I'd stay away from Segways (at least in canada i'm not sure how it's going in other countries). I took a gamble and feel completely ripped off.
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