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So i have just about 1000km on my segway and almost had it a year. Drove in both summer and winter. Snow, mud, rock, gravel, and water, its really great and performs alright however ,Stuff that I've found so far is
-belts slipping in water.
-Oil pressure sensor fault. -
Wrong oil from factory for Canadian winters won't start in -15.
-4x4 button doesn't work in cold weather Gets frozen.
-The muffler rattles an annoying vibration sound after 3000rpm.
-Blue tooth app won't connect to phone so can't change the power steer and power modes.
-Winch get bulged up.
-Shocks are not as smooth as you'd want.
-Not enough instant power for a 570cc from dead stop.
-Front diff lock get stuck engaged sometimes.
-With almost stall out going down hill from the engine break.
-Just today today it for a ride got half a mile and died will not start up. Just cranks. Got it to fire a couple times but when u give throttle it dies.
I have fixed the rattle in the muffler with putting some home made spacers in it.
And for the oil pressure sensor. I got a brand new one under warranty.

Found where I can get a rad relocate kit and 2inch lift kit and. Snorkel kit. And windshield. And clutch kit for more power for bigger tires. So looking I to that.
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