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So i have just about 1000km on my segway and almost had it a year. Drove in both summer and winter. Snow, mud, rock, gravel, and water, its really great and performs alright however ,Stuff that I've found so far is
-belts slipping in water.
-Oil pressure sensor fault. -
Wrong oil from factory for Canadian winters won't start in -15.
-4x4 button doesn't work in cold weather Gets frozen.
-The muffler rattles an annoying vibration sound after 3000rpm.
-Blue tooth app won't connect to phone so can't change the power steer and power modes.
-Winch get bulged up.
-Shocks are not as smooth as you'd want.
-Not enough instant power for a 570cc from dead stop.
-Front diff lock get stuck engaged sometimes.
-With almost stall out going down hill from the engine break.
-Just today today it for a ride got half a mile and died will not start up. Just cranks. Got it to fire a couple times but when u give throttle it dies.
I have fixed the rattle in the muffler with putting some home made spacers in it.
And for the oil pressure sensor. I got a brand new one under warranty.

Found where I can get a rad relocate kit and 2inch lift kit and. Snorkel kit. And windshield. And clutch kit for more power for bigger tires. So looking I to that.
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2021 Segway Snarler AT6SX Purchased Feb 2022
3900km in, 125 hours

Past problems:
Horn never worked from the start- dealer just fixed it
Oil pressure sensor light: faulty sensor, fixed by dealer no charge
-Associated with that was the bike stalling out randomly, fixed by the new sensor as well

Current problems:
1.Exhaust rattle very annoying at certain rpm's like yours. (where did you find it i'd like to add the spacer you mentioned)
2.Rear differential seals are leaking on both sides, no seals in stock at the dealer I bought it from. That same week they lost their dealership status so I have to figure out a way to drop it off at a dealer 3 hours away.
3.There's a rattling coming from somewhere in the front(non exhaust) I can't seem to find it, sounds like a washer moving around under a loose bolt or something.
4.Transmission is extremely clunky when starting all of the sudden it never did it before but now if you take off at a normal pace in high gear it's very jerky and you can hear chattering. If you take off fast it engages and stays engaged but moderate to slow it will chatter.
5.Going downhill with any sort of rocks or bumps the transmission chatters similarly, if you're going down a smooth road at a steady decline it eventually disengages the transmission completely and starts rolling like it's in neutral and almost stalls the bike, once you get back on the gas it will engage the transmission again, sketchy.
6. Lifted the bike to take a look at the exhaust rattle and found both rear bearings are bad, could shake both tires.

I was very happy with this machine starting out. But I'm now scared I bought something that's going to die off. Not because it's a bad machine but i've heard from over 3 dealerships that they're constantly battling with segway powersports canada to get reimbursed for their warranty claims. The warranty was the whole selling feature of these untested bikes. My local dealer within 40 minutes got their status taken away over some disputes and now the closest dealer is 3 hours away and talking with them they're also struggling and are owed over 35 grand in warranty work!
Tried trading in to a few dealerships but they either wouldn't be able to offer anything or they'd offer such a low price they know you wouldn't want to get rid of it for that.

I'd stay away from Segways. If I could do it all over again I would have went with a brand that's been around. I took a gamble and feel ripped off.
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