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  1. Segway Scooter
    S plus balance and calibration issues My s plus I just received moves forward by itself unless I change the balance calibration to almost the lowest it can go which I’m not sure if that’s normal as my friends s plus balances at it’s normal setting of -.8. Also I attempted to recalibrate and the...
  2. Segway Scooter
    I live i Norway and I recently bought a ninebot e22d, which is limited to 20 kmh in Norway. Ive been trying to change the region and make it go 25-27 kmh with the Xiao app with no luck. It seems like the firmware version the scooter is running on is unhackable. I have tried to downgrade it as...
  3. Segway Hoverboard
    Hello, I bought two S-Max transports during the indiegogo campaign and we were able to get past the tutorial April last year. Then we got a go-kart to add to it and hadn't looked back. A couple cell phone upgrades later without syncing to the S-Max. We put it back into "segway" mode and...
  4. 2020+ Segway Powersports General Discussion
    hi and thank you for this site. i am new here, and am hoping someone can help me. i have a ninebot es2 i bought it at an auction for cheap but needed help. i replaced the whole handlebar including throttle, brake, light, controller, battery on this scooter. at first it gave me error messages...
  5. Segway Scooter
    Hey everyone, 10 days ago I bought an awesome SEGWAY scooter and I'm pretty happy with it. However, there is some weird sound from the front wheel. It doesn't appear every time and also stops after a few seconds. After that appears again. It's looks like something is touching the tire or maybe...
  6. Segway Scooter
    Here's the quick start manual for the Ninebot KickScooter.
  7. Segway Hoverboard
    I've attached the user manual for the Ninebot by Segway miniPRO 260.
1-7 of 7 Results